JASCO FT/IR-4X spectrometer

In 2022 the Japanese JASCO saw the time to introduce a new Fourier transform spectrometer. Even if the control and evaluation software for the FTIR-4000 instruments manufactured since 2004 has evolved continuously and to its advantage, and its technical content provides competitive specifications even at present, the developments have made possible the creation of a new instrument family. Taking into account the changes in optics and electronics and also the users’ needs, the FTIR-4X instrument has been designed to retain or outperform its predecessor in its technical content and expandability. The housing, which also includes the power supply, is nearly 40% smaller than its predecessor. The width of its sample space, unlike the competitor small FTIR spectrometers, allows the use and rapid replacement of sample holders for measuring solid, gas or liquid samples from JASCO and other manufacturers (Specac, PIKE, etc.).


The instrument is also equipped with an automatic accessory recognition system. The fully enclosed design of the interferometer allows the instrument to be switched off completely and it protects the beam splitter from being damaged. The built-in temperature and humidity sensors continuously monitor the environment of the sensitive optical elements and warn about the inappropriate environmental conditions. Made of cast aluminum, the ribbed optical bench stands on vibration-resistant legs, making the FTIR-4X suitable for measurement in industrial laboratories. The spectrometer also contains a built-in validation wheel for regular instrument inspection, which also disposes of a certified polystyrene standard.

Beside the instrument capable of measuring within the 7800-350 cm-1 wavenumber range, configurations with a measuring range of 11500-375 cm-1, 6000-220 cm-1 or 6000-50 cm-1 are available. The excellent signal/noise ratio, high resolution, expandability, high-sensitivity detectors, connection to microscopes and rapid scan measurement option all contribute to the suitability of the instrument for research and education without any compromise. The Spectra Manager 2.5 software package, which can be customized according to the measurement task, provides „one-button” easy operation for routine tasks as well as comprehensive adjustment options. With the renewed JASCO Spectra Search program a spectrum library for later searches can be created, and in the case of a spectrum of unknown material, it helps to identify the characteristic bands for easier sample identification. For protein analysis a software package for secondary structure determination is available. With the Wiley KnowItAll JASCO Edition software the complete analysis and reporting of measured spectra can be performed, from spectral corrections through spectral identification to molecular structure drawing. Both spectrum library management softwares can be expanded with commercially available spectrum libraries.

The JASCO Spectra Manager 2.5 CFR software built in accordance with ALCOA+ data integrity principles provides measured, evaluated and saved data in fields that require enhanced data security such as the pharmaceutical or food industry. The 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software allows four-level system access, different authorization assignments, and the use of a password and electronic signature.

Of the ATR units that do not require special sample preparation and allow the measurement of solid and liquid samples, the ATR PRO 4X fits the full width of the sample space of the instrument, with the crystal plate lying higher than the housing. This arrangement not only provides easy cleaning, but also allows the measurement of large samples that would not fit in the sample space of the instrument otherwise. Among the ATR units, the VIEW type, due to its special diamond crystal and built-in camera, ensures the observation of the sample at the moment of measurement. The camera image can be saved along with the spectrum. An additional convenience of measuring with ATR units and documenting measurement conditions is the automatic crystal recognition, during which the software can change the measurement parameters according to which crystal, the diamond, zinc selenide, or germanium is used. The ATR PRO PENTA X multi-reflection ATR unit with an MCT detector is recommended for the measurement of proteins, sugars and lipids present in low concentrations in aqueous solutions, otherwise known as difficult measurement tasks.


  • spectral range:
    • standard construction: 7800-350 cm-1
    • optionally 11500-375 cm-1, 6000-220 cm-1 or 6000-50 cm-1
  • spectral resolution: adjustable from 0.4 to 16 cm-1
  • signal/noise ratio: 35000:
  • standard detector: Peltier thermostated DLATGS (Mid-IR)
    • optional second, external detector (MCT, InGaAs) software controlled switching
  • standard beam splitter: Ge/KBr
  • light source: high intensity ceramic
    • optional light source: halogen lamp with software controlled switching
  • interferometer: closed, 45o Michelson layout, motorized stationary mirror with auto-alignment
  • wavelength accuracy: 0.0005 cm-1
  • laser: VCSEL long-life diode laser
  • exit window: KRS-5 (Mid-IR)
  • built-in validation hardware
  • automatic accessory recognition system
  • „Start” button for series measurements

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