Hanson On-line UV-Vis dissolution systems

The Hanson On-line UV-Vis systems are suitable for immediate spectrophotometric measurement of the dissolution samples, for the evaluation of the measured values ​​and for the collection of samples depending on the system setup. The ARGUS/Dissolution software controls the instruments of the system and performs the dissolution calculations. The measurement of the absorbance values ​​of the samples is achieved with a UV-VIS spectrophotometer equipped with an 8-position cell changer. 8 flow cuvettes with 1, 2, 5 or 10 mm lightpath lengths can be placed into the spectrophotometer. The software records absorbance values, it calculates the dissolution percentages and the dissolution profiles. It is possible to specify the EP tolerance range and the USP Q value for a given sampling time. Depending on the system setup, the sampling can be performed with an 8-channel peristaltic pump or with the Hanson G2 AutoPlus syringe pump sampler. The samples taken with a syringe pump sampler can be transferred to the test tubes of the AutoFill sampler or to the vials of the HPLC.

System configurations, methods, analyses in the ARGUS/Dissolution software are aided by a multi-step “Wizard”. The obtained data is saved automatically, they are managed in a database. The software has the option of customizing the test reports to the users’ needs.

The software allows the compliance with the 21 CFR Part 11 and automatically creates a detailed audit trail to record the changes of the system configurations, methods, analyses and results. The logins and logouts, the test starts and ends as well as the errors can be tracked with the system log. Different user groups can be defined and the permissions for the groups can be set in detail.

Additional modules can be selected for the ARGUS/Dissolution software. Simultaneous multi component analysis, the measurement of the collected samples in other dissolution systems and the calculation of the dissolution data (Offline spectroscopy) are possible. Furthermore, a software package, which allows access the database installed on the server from a computer not connected to the dissolution tester, is available for method writing, signing measurement results, and editing user permissions. (Argus client).

Closed loop system with peristaltic pump

The ARGUS/Dissolution software controls the Vision G2 Classic 6 or Elite 8 dissolution tester, the UV 1900 UV-Vis spectrophotometer and the 8-channel peristaltic pump. The peristaltic pump transfers the samples from the dissolution vessels to the flow cuvettes of the spectrophotometer. The absorbance values ​​of the samples in the cuvettes are recorded by the software and it
analyses them then it returns the samples into the dissolution vessels.


Detect & Collect system with syringe pump

The ARGUS/Dissolution software controls the Vision G2 Classic 6 or Elite 8 dissolution tester, the Vision G2 AutoPlus syringe pump sampler and the UV 1900 UV-Vis spectrophotometer. The syringe pump sampler transfers the samples from the dissolution vessels into the flow cuvettes and the AutoFill sampler vessels (tube or HPLC vial). The absorbance values ​​of the solutions in the cuvettes are recorded by the software and the necessary calculations are performed.


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