Specac akcesoria FTIR

Specac Ltd. in England manufactures sample holders and accessories for
the Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers measuring solid, liquid and gaseous samples. The most popular product is the robust Golden GateTM ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) unit with diamond crystal. Due to its expandability this accessory is ideal for the high sensitivity measurements of liquids, powders, films and other solid materials both at room temperature and temperature between -150 and 300 oC. The Silver GateTM ATR units contain ZnSe, Ge and Si crystals.

For the preparation of measurements with the conventional KBr pastilles the most suitable press can be selected from a wide range of different AtlasTM manual and automatic presses. The SpecaMillTM sample mill can grind the large solid samples before the compression into pellets or the diffuse reflectance measurements in order that the particles should reach the diameter optimal for measuring.

For the measurements of liquids and suspensions the OmniCellTM transmission cell can be used. With the cells produced with both fixed and variable pathlengths, also the quantitative analysis of samples can be carried out. For the measurement of inorganic or organic substances of different pH, solutions and suspensions, the optimal window for the infrared range can be easily selected considering the solubility characteristics of the offered measuring windows of 12 different types.

Pearl™ is the latest accessory designed by Specac. This accessory allows in FTIR spectroscopy as well the use of the well-proven”droplet technique” for the instruments measuring in the visible and UV ranges. During the measurement the sample is placed between ZnSe or CaF2 windows. The upper window can be lifted with one movement, therefore, it is easy to get access to the bottom window. This allows that the liquid to be measured may be dropped onto the window with a pipette or the measured liquid may be removed with a tissue. For the measurement of volatile liquids, Pearl™ has an injection access. This means that the sample can be placed between the windows without removing the upper window. The windows may be parallel or slightly wedge-shaped, they can be easily replaced and they provide 25μm, 50μm, 100μm, 200μm, 500μm or 1000μm pathlengths for the measurements.

For the measurement of gaseous samples gas cells of a pathlength between 10 cm and 20 m are available. With these cells not only measurements at the ambient temperature can be carried out but they can also be heated up to 200oC. For the measurements of high sensitivity, gold-plated mirrors and optional measurement windows (KBr, ZnSe or CaF2) can be of great help.


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