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This is a double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer with a fixed 1 nm bandwidth operated with an iRM controller that has a software package compiled for ”Life Science” applications. The use of a computer is not required, thus its little space allowances, its sample holders capable of measuring microliters of samples and its excellent optical properties allow for the determination of proteins and nucleic acids or kinetic measurements in science laboratories of biochemistry, biotechnology, and of other related fields. Due to the easy handling, the accessory detection system and the one-button measurement, everyday routine measurements can be carried out easily within a short time.

Beside the standard measurement methods, the control unit contains the software necessary for determining the protein/nucleic acid ratio (A260/A280, A230/A260, Warburg-Christian), the kinetic analysis program (according to Michaelis-Menten, Lineweaver-Burk, Hofstee and Eadie methods), a software for quantitative determination of proteins, performing calculations based on UV absorption, BCA, Bradford, Lowry and Biuret methods and a software for testing the DNA melting.


  • wavelength range: 190-1100 nm
  • light source: deuterium and halogen lamp
  • detector: photodiode
  • spectral bandwidth: 1 nm
  • wavelength change speed: 24000 nm/min
  • scanning speed: 10 – 8000 nm/min
  • wavelength accuracy: ±0.2 nm
  • wavelength reproducibility: ±0.1 nm
  • photometric range: -3 – +3 AU
  • photometric accuracy: ±0.0015 AU (0-0.5 AU)
  • photometric reproducibility: ±0.0005 AU (0-0.5 AU)
  • stray light at 220 nm: 0.02%
  • RMS noise: 0.00004 AU (0 AU, 500 nm)
  • baseline stability: ± 0.0004 AU/hour
  • dimensions and weight: 486(L)x441(W)x216(H) mm, 15 kg
  • standard cuvette holder: with the cell height adjustment function
  • control possibilities: standalone iRM module with touchscreen

» strona producenta »

The standard cell compartment of the JASCO V-730BIO spectrophotometer possesses a sample and reference cuvette holder capable of receiving 10×10 mm cuvettes. There are also available optionally manual and automatic cell changers, cuvette holders for the long cuvettes, water thermostattable cuvette holders and cell changers.

  • Cell holder for 10, 20, 50 and 100 mm path rectangular cuvettes
  • 4 and 6 position manual and automated cell holders for long path rectangular cuvettes
  • cylindrical cell holder for analysis of gases and liquids (for cylindrical cuvettes with maximum 100 mm long and with outer diameter 22 or 30 mm)
  • water thermostattable on both sample and reference sides cuvette holder also for 10 mm cuvettes and microcuvettes
  • water thermostattable manual and automatic cell changers with 4 or 6 positions on sample side, and one reference position, for 10 mm cuvettes
  • sample compartment lid with syringe port on sample side

The Peltier thermostated cuvette holders are useful for measuring solutions at the controlled temperature, for studying the spectral changes depending on the temperature changes. The temperature setting takes place in the Spectra Manager II software (or on the IRM controller). Each Peltier thermostated JASCO cuvette holder has a magnetic stirrer whose speed can be controlled by a software. With the optional temperature sensors even the temperature of the solution can be measured directly.

  • Cell holder with Peltier-thermostatting on sample side only, with magnetic stirrer, temperature range: 10-60 °C or 0-100 °C
  • Cell holder with Peltier-thermostatting on sample and reference sides, water cooled, with magnetic stirrer, temperature range: 0-100 °C
  • 6 or 8 position automatic cell changer with Peltier- thermostatting on sample side only, with magnetic stirrer, one reference position, temperature range: 15-60 °C or 0-100°C
  • 6 or 8 position automatic cell changer with Peltier-thermostatting on sample positions and on single reference position, water cooled, with replaceable cell holder block, with magnetic stirrer, temperature range: 0-100 °C

For the measurement of biological and biochemical samples, micro cell holders and microcuvette holders are available, which allow the measurement of micro-liter quantities easily, accurately and reproducibly. In the supply there are holder capable of measuring with only one droplet, as well as the capillary cell holder mounted with input/output lenses and the 8-position, rotatable micro cell holder.

  • cell holder with sample side cell height setting (for cuvettes with 10 mm light path) and with removable sample side 1,5×3 mm (height) lightpath mask
  • micro cell holder with cell height setting for 50-5 µl volume
  • „One Drop” microsampling accessory for measuring microvolume samples. Minimum sample volume with 1 mm pathlength disk 5 µl, with 0.2 mm pathlength disk 0,6 µl. Easily to demount and to clean between samples
  • Capillary cell adaptor with input/output lenses, accomodated in place of a 10×10 mm cuvette. Easily changeable quartz capillaries of abt. 0.5 mm optical pathlength, minimum sample requirement is 3 µl.
  • 8-position rotatable micro cell holder, light path 1 mm, sample volume 4 µl
  • Wash special pipette for cleaning micro cells

For measuring a large number of samples, in the supply there are available vacuum and peristaltic sippers, different types of optical path length flow cells, and auto samplers allowing full automation.

  • vacuum sipper with flow through cell with 10 mm or 50 mm lightpath
  • peristaltic sipper with flow through cell with 10 mm lightpath (cell volume 50 µl, required sample volume 0.7 ml)
  • cell holder for 5 and 10 mm or 30 – 100 mm lightpath flow through cells
  • autosampler for 15×105, 13×100, 12×105, 10×90 mm test tubes and for HPLC vials with slit septa