Gamlen tablet press

Michael Gamlen, founder of Gamlen Instruments in England designed the world’s first computer-controlled benchtop tablet press based on several decades of tablet manufacturing experience. The compression and compaction testers offered by the company can be used in a wide range from research and development to small-scale production. Individual tablets can be made with their help under controlled and well-reproducible compression force (pressure). The tableting properties of the various experimental API-excipients when using small amounts of material can be compared easily and quickly. Comparative studies prove that the instruments can well simulate the compaction conditions prevailing in high-speed rotary tablet presses. The instruments are capable of completing the process of tablet formulation studies and development, investigating tableting problems occurring during the manufacturing processes, analyzing the tabletability of substances, comparing the substances of different suppliers, precise and reproducible production of individual tablets for analytical purposes (e.g. for NIR and Raman methods), and they can serve educational and demonstration purposes, etc. The tablet presses can also be used in a humidity controlled chamber.

For these instruments a rental solution is also offered.

Gamlen M-model: stand-alone unit without computer control for small scale tablet production with tightly controlled compaction force. With the buttons the production parameters can be set. Output: approx. 180 tablets/hour.


Gamlen D-model: the most versatile Gamlen instrument measuring compression and compaction equipped with a rotatable die platform. Due to this design, the instrument not only produces tablets but also measures the compaction, ejection and detachment forces of the tablets in function of displacement. It is suitable for pre-compression and repeated compression tableting for producing multi-layer and dry coated tablets. The D model can work in fixed load, fixed thickness or breaking force modes. The measured data such as compaction rate and force, detachment force, ejection force as well as in tablet breaking mode force and displacement are recorded automatically in Excel format by the software.


Gamlen D500 Dashboard system

The system includes a Gamlen D500 instrument, an analytical balance, a digital thickness gauge, an instrument for measuring the tablet breaking strength, and a PC with the Dashboard software, which collects and processes all the data obtained from these instruments. The weight of tablets produced with the Gamlen D500 can be measured on the analytical balance, their thickness can be measured with a micrometer, their diameters and breaking strength can be determined with the TTA instrument. All the data are automatically stored on the Dashboard software, which draws the diagrams of the tablet compactibility (solid fraction vs tensile fracture stress), tabletability (compaction pressure vs tensile strength) and compressibility (compaction force vs solid fraction). Based on the results, the software can determine the tableting parameters that can be used to optimize tablet quality.


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