FT/IR-4000/6000 spektrometry image

FT/IR-4000/6000 spektrometry

The history of the JASCO instruments measuring in the infrared range began in the mid-50s with the creation of the dispersive spectrometer named DS-101. Since then the experiences gathered for more than half a century have been applied to design the FT/IR-4000 and 6000 spectrometer series. The FT/IR 4000 series have been primarily developed for routine measurements, while the 6000 series serve the research applications and both have a large number of sample holders and accessories: from the simple film holders to the multi-channel microscopes with fast surface mapping.

The control of the instruments is provided by the Spectra Manager II software package, which controls all the JASCO spectroscopic instruments. The Know-it-All program package with a spectrum library of 10 000 spectra belongs to each standard FT/IR instrument. The software is able to read the most important spectrum formats and it has different spectrum search and management features. User-built spectral libraries can be prepared with it and it is capable for analysis of functional groups and chemical structures and preparing reports, as well.

 FT/IR – 4600 and 4700

These instruments are primarily recommended for routine and educational purposes which cover the 7800-350 cm-1 infrared range in their standard configuration. However, this range can be extended to 15,000-2,200 cm-1 or to 5000-220 cm-1. The standard setup of each instrument includes automatic beam-splitter alignment, variable aperture, the total inert purging option and the possibility of automatic validation. Due to the optional MCT detectors, they can be converted into “rapid scan” instruments of even 10 scan/sec.


  • resolution:
    • FT/IR-4600: 0.7 cm-1
    • FT/IR-4700: 0.4 cm-1
  • signal to noise ration:
    • FT/IR-4600: 25000:1 (peak-to-peak)
    • FT/IR-4700: 35000:1 (peak-to-peak)
  • spectral range: 7800 – 350 cm-1
  • light source: high intensity ceramic light source
  • interferometer: 45° Michelson type driven by high-speed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology in sealed configuration
  • beam splitter: Ge coated KBr with software driven auto-alignment
  • detector: Peltier thermostatted DLATGS, optional second detector (MCT, InSb,
  • InGaAs)
  • built-in validation hardware
  • Auto accessory recognition system
  • Quick Start button for serial measurements

 FT/IR – 6600, 6700 and 6800

The FT/IR-6000 instruments designed for research and development with their extension options are able to extend the standard 7800-350 cm-1 measuring range to the far and near infra-red range. In the maximum configuration the covered wavelength range can be even between 25,000-10 cm-1. The standard setup of each instrument includes automatic beam-splitter alignment, variable aperture and total inert purging option. The measurements in the far-infrared range are facilitated by the full-vacuum option. Using the automatic beam splitter changer unit capable of taking in 4 beam splitters and the automatic interferometer window changer unit together the measurements will be possible in wide wavenumber range without the user’s manual intervention. The 20 scan/sec “rapid scan” measurement method is part of the standard configuration of the 6800 instrument which has gold coated optics, while with the 6600 and 6700 instruments it can be found among optional expandability possibilities.


  • resolution:
    • FT/IR-6600: 0.4 cm-1
    • FT/IR-6700: 0.25 cm-1
    • FT/IR-6800: 0.07 cm-1
  • signal to noise ratio:
    • FT/IR-6600: 45000:1 (peak-to-peak)
    • FT/IR-6700: 47000:1 (peak-to-peak)
    • FT/IR-6800: 55000:1 (peak-to-peak)
  • spectral range: 7800 – 350 cm-1, optionally expandable 25000 – 10 cm-1
  • light source: high intensity ceramic light source, optionally second light source (halogen or mercury lamp)
  • interferometer: 28° Michelson type driven by high-speed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology in sealed configuration
  • beam splitter: with software driven auto-alignment Ge coated KBr (standard), quartz, CaF2, CsI, Mylar; optionally beam-splitter changer unit
  • interferometer exit windows: KRS-5 (standard), CaF2, PE, optionally window switching unit
  • detector: Peltier thermostatted DLATGS, optional second detector (DTGS(PE),
  • MCT, InSb, InGaAs or Si photodiode), installation of a third and fourth detector in optional external detector housing
  • Auto accessory recognition system
  • Quick Start button for serial measurements
  • rapid scan: option, FT/IR-6800 standard
  • step scan: option

Spectra Manager II for FT/IR instruments

The control of the instruments and data processing is provided by the Windows-based Spectra Manager II multifunctional software. The operational functions cover the settings of the measurement parameters and their storage, real-time spectrum display, scale change, zoom functions, smoothing, baseline correction, CO2 and water vapor compensation, ATR correction, peak search, peak height and peak area calculation, arithmetic operations, derivatives, %T/Abs conversion, KM and KK conversion, automated spectral subtractions, JCAMP and ASCII conversion, printing template editing etc. The 21 CFR Part 11 compliance support version can be ordered optionally, as well as the PCR, PLS, PCA, CLS multicomponent analysis software packages.

Further optional software packages:

  • time interval measurement – measures spectra automatically at preselected time intervals using the preprogrammed parameters. Includes the Interval Data Analysis module to handle 3-D data.
  • protein secondary structure estimation program
  • 2-D correlation analysis program
  • „Macro Command” program – allows creation of user’s macros for data measurement, handling, presentation, sorting into worksheet etc., Possibility to define, compare and calculate with variables.

» strona producenta »

A wide range of sample holders is available for carrying out the FT/IR measurements. With the selection of the appropriate sample holder and measuring method, the spectral properties – in the infrared range – of materials with the most disparate physical state, temperature and optical properties can be defined. For the JASCO FT/IR JASCO instruments we offer a wide range of JASCO, Pike and Specac sample holders and accessories as well, from presses used for the preparation of KBr pellets, through gas cells and ATR accessories to FT/IR microscopes.

Sampling preparation tools:

  • manual and automatic presses
  • sample grinders and mixers for the preparation of samples used for diffuse reflectance sampling and for making KBr pellets.
  • „Slice Master” for creating 10-30 μm thin sections of film-like samples

Sample holders for transmittance modes:

  • KBr pellett holder
  • magnetic film holder
  • fixed and variable pathlength liquid cells
  • mull cells
  • gas cells with wide pathlength range (10 cm – 20 m)
  • heatable gas cells

Sample holders for reflection measurement:

  • ATR accessory with diamond, zinc-selenide or with germanium crystal
  • heatable single reflection ATR
  • variable incident angle single reflection ATR
  • polarized ATR
  • horizontal ATR
  • fixed and variable angle specular reflectance accessories
  • diffuse reflection accessories
  • diffuse reflection accessory with high temperature and vacuum chamber
  • integrating spheres
  • grazing angle accessories